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Last month I disputed a Chase account with the 3 CRA's. Chase sent an affirmation of fact affidavit for me to sign saying it was ID Theft. I signed and returned the affidavit. A few days later, the TL's were deleted. The same time this was going on I DV'd CACV about the same account, they purchased this account from Chase in 2004. Two weeks later I receive "validation" from The Deloney Law Group which consisted of a Bill Of Sale, Affidavit of Sale and a charge off statement for a Wal Mart Chase MC I think. This would satisfy validation, except for one thing...It is not my account. While deciding how to deal with this, today I called Chase and was told that they have taken the account back from collections and have it listed as a fraudulent account. I am sending the Law Firm and CACV another letter today to get them to remove this account based on the latest information. Hopefully this will make them go away.

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