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Help! Request to Orig. Company to remove from Credit Agency


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Hello all,

Ok, so after months of chasing down a company- Target- I finally got them to send me proof of what I owed them on a bounced check, or at least a formal bill with the information printed on it. The amount is really very small and I donʻt mind paying it. :roll: The problem was that they had sent the amount to a collection agency without notifying me of the debt first, and I wasnʻt about to pay the agency, I wanted Target to send me formal payment request.

Here is my problem now. I want to make sure that when I send my payment to Target, they remove me from the collection agencyʻs list!!! I have excellent credit right now and am about to apply for my first card, so I donʻt want their screwing things up again to ruin my chances!!! :shock:

What kind of formal letter can I send to Target along with my payment that will ensure that this NEVER ends up on my credit report as a negative impact? I would like to pay this once and for all tomorrow morning, so anyone whoʻs around tonight? Iʻd love to hear from you!! Thanks so much! :everybodyclap:


P.S. I see many sample letters to send to agencies and companies on this site, but none that works for this....

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Is the CA even reporting on your CR?

Don't assume they always do..

I know for example that

Citi's first line CA's don't report to the CRA's...

maybe that is the case with the Target one?

in this case paying the CA is ok...

check your CR first.

if it's on your CR...

Don't send a payment without a written, faxed or e-mailed agreement.

(Oh and you may want to edit your name out... )

and check out this link for common abbreviations..


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