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Removing outdated personal information

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Where is the thread on how to remove old personal information- addresses, employers, or other personal information? I have searched, but apparently not effectively, for a thread on this.

If no thread, how do I get this done? I found an address on my file from my college days, 20 years old.

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Send letters to the CRA's via CMRR. You must include your DL to prove you are yourself, and a utility bill to show your current address.

The wise thing to do is to make the copies RIGHT ON the sheet you are writing the dipute on.

112 ABC street....never lived there.

john Q doe... Never known by this name.......etc.

You might want to highlight the things you want removed and write why

beside them. Then include your letter.

It took me two attempts with EX, but everything came right off TU and EQ.

EX will want to call anything you want deleted historical information. Be prepared.


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