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OC-need help with what to do?


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I'm having the same problem but with Green Tree. Here's the run down: A friend took over payments Green Tree started to charge for insurance and messed the payments up from Jan 2007 to Aug 2007 (posting 8x30days late). We were never notified of the late payments (we contacted Green Tree a year ago when he took over the payments and told them we were to be notified immediately of any missed payments). We I checked my credit in June 2007 none of the late payments were on there but when I checked my credit there they all were dating all the way back to Jan 2007. I sent a letter to Green Tree asking them to verify and check their records and this week I've received a letter from Green Tree stating all information is correct and enclosed an itemized list of the account from day one but of course they did not list that they were over charging for insurance for 6 mths that would make the account ahead for a full month. Please any help would be wonderful. I'm getting brain blocked!!!!! on what to do next.









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Was the billing address sent to your house? If not, dispute as billing address sent to unknown address.

Also, would you not have seen late fees posted on your account?

1)Dispute to CRA as "I dispute account CREDITOR/ACCOUNT #, delete the lates. Send copies of payment attached to each statement one month back, so you'll probably have one late instead of eight" Also, state that "CRA" failed to provide negative insertion letter so delete the lates.

2)send dispute to original creditor as "i dispute this account CREDITOR ACCOUNT# . I was not late" and your company failed to send letter regarding insertion of derogatory information on credit report as required under FCRA. Delete the lates.

a)if CRA is not notated as disputed by consumer--> violation of FCRA.

b)If notated, dispute notation will nullify the derogatory account for Myfico Score.

3)Send good will letter to upper management about possible error that the company made and to remove lates

4) CRA verifies, ask for copy of MOV. a)If no dispute notation, File suit for violation of FCRA: failure to notify consumer of insertion of negative information, and failure to notate the account as disputed for delete.

b)if notation is made; forget the lawsuit. Just keep pestering them everyday that you thought you were making timely payments but did not know that the payments were back each month.

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bill was paid on time but they keep adding insurance to an account that already had insurance. My friend did even pay extra each month to the account but not enough to cover the extra insurance the OC added to the account. The OC just now reimbursed the account for all the extra insurance they charged and took from the account monthly payment. But what I don't understand if they reimbursed the account for the insurance why won't they correct the 8 late payments they caused. I've already sent them a letter asking to correct the late payments and they sent a itemized letter with all the payments and Jan. 2007 payment is no were to be found.

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