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Received My Credit Profile from BoA, my Ficos are now considered Fair


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OMG I saw my Fiko scores and have EX and TU holding strong at 611 and 614, with EQ at 570 but it should rebound in about a week. My jaw dropped when I saw that my credit is now ranked at Fair according to my BoA credit portfolio. This has been a long journey for me since I started back in Feb with scores ranging from 425-439. Really!

I didn't find this website till a couple of months ago and been using all the new information I've learned to help my co-workers get their scores up as well as inching my own. Everyone has been great here and fun to talk to. So far I've been able to get the following cards.

Kays $4000

BoA $500

First Premier $200

Hooter's Waiting on Decision

HSBC Waiting on Decision

It's not much but when you figure I had 3 judgments to start and 2 BKs showing on each of my reports it is really a lot. I've been able to get all 3 judgments off 3 CRAs and 1 BK removed from EQ but still hammering away for that house.

My mom had to go through a partial amputation of her foot and now they want to take part of her leg. My sisters want to put her in a nursing home but I've dedicated all this credit rebuilding to getting a house so I can take her in with me and take care of her. I'm hoping we at least have her for another year but willing to do anything to keep her happy till then. That's what I'm doing with my new found credit! lol, temporary jack to anther thread already posted. ;)

Ok all you new guys, if you feel like you're at your end just keep at it. There IS a light at the end of the tunnel and the rewards are great if you can hang in there. I admit there were a couple of times where I asked myself why am I doing this when I'm barely getting anywhere. I'm glad I stuck with it! Ok, I'll hand over my soapbox now. I just wanted to share this with everyone since I've gotten close with a lot of people here and can't stay away from this forum. :grouphug:

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Good for you and great progress on your part! You are right, it really is a matter of hammering away-seems like it takes forever. Just got back into town and the first thing I did this AM was to send off a round of letters on the ones who just seem to hang on....and mentally noting which ones get attacked next weekend.

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