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It's not a real scream but its the best I can do right now!

I just tried to make payment arrangements w/Citibank & Bank of America. All they are doing is giving us the royal run around - they could've gotten some money by now if they'd at least try to work with us!

I have 1 card on each w/my Mom & we've been trying to make payment arrangements. I joined consumer credit counseling & was thisclose to getting Citibank on their plan. Someone from Citibank called my mom offering a low payment w/zero interest .. I knew it was too good to be true, of course when we called all we got was more questions & them saying we weren't eligible for this plan or some crap. And that interference may have thrown off their approving the proposal for the consumer credit thing so now we're back to square one on that note.

BOA is no better, they refused the proposal & said we should call them directly to make arrangements & then they transferred me to A DIFFERENT debt mgmt program who wants me to transfer everything over to them just so I can get BOA on the program - they can't promise that they'll accept the creditors I already have on the program. the only thing I can figure is BOA owns this debt mgmt program & wants to get more money.

Damn I'm trying to pay my debt without filing bankruptcy or screwing up my credit or losing our house due to unpaid bills. why do all these commercials & such say creditors want to work with you when they really do not?

OK I feel a touch better but have to go thru this tomorrow all over again.

Sigh. Thanks for listening!

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Wow sounds like your having a hard time...1st thing...get rid of the crdit counselors...you can do it yourself...why pay someone else.

2nd take it easy, don't be so willing to pay..you are in a bargaining position.

Read everything on this forum...you will feel empowered.

It will get better it just takes time. and right now thats your friend

it does not matter of you settle right away and pay all of your debt, or if you pay in 6 months from now for 40% of the debt...the outcome will be the same.

relax and don't stress or let them push you into a counseling service.

Good Luck :wink:

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Thanks Whocares! I appreciate the response. I tried several times on my own to get the same interest rates & payments that the debt mgmt plan got, but the credit card companies don't seem to want to work with me.

I'm just so scared we'll lose our home due to credit card debt & that's the last thing I want!

Thanks again!

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