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WOW..Chase approved

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Heh, so I applied for chase platinum card just for the hell of it. I had Chase before, but they canceled my account because I was 45 days late! :( That was long time ago though....

So today, I got a call from Chase...they asked me few questions, like my address, etc...and then the guy says:" Ok sir, thank you very much.. we will go ahead with the approval for 5k" WOOT!!

Ok am I done with credit cards...I have plenty

Amex Blue - 5k

Amex JetBlue - 2k

Amex Clear - 4k

Amex Delta - 2k

Citi - 3.5k

BMW Card - 1k

Patelco - 1.6k

Home Depot - 1k

Lowes - 1k

BestBuy Card - 2.2k

Paypal Buyer Credit - 600 bucks

Done.. no more!

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Is it true you have to wait 6 months to reapply for a CHASE card???

They were SUPPOSED to pull TU when that score was up and they pulled EQ instead last month. Now my EQ is way up there and the questionaire asks if I've been denied by Chase in the last 6 months!

Does this just mean the exact same card (Chase Freedom) or ANY Chase card??

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