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pending lawsuit questions

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my husband had a car loan through his previous place of employment back in the early 90's,the car was repo'd and sold for $500.00.

He never heard from them again.we weren't married at the time either- We bought and sold our previous house(of 7 years) and bought a new one last year,now he gets a letter from an attorney about this loan and has to appear in court next month,my son who at the time was only 15 had signed for a letter from this attorney (1995) we never did really see it!

nothing came up when we bought our first home in 2000,but for this home it showed up on his credit report,he denied and he signed a note with our attorney stating the loan wasn't his,now we get this letter for court appearance. Can they garnish his wages? can they come after me for the money-I own my business,what about our taxes -we file together.Should we find a lawyer for this?

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Not to mention that if the atty filed suit 12 yrs ago, it appears that it could be easily dismissed for lack of prosecution for the past decade.

SOL is your best (and easiest) defense.

The atty cannot report this debt, it is over 7 yrs old.

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