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wells fargo repo...help? pick appart


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wells fargo has confused me to death with this repo and i want it gone. please help pick this apart for violations and how i can possibly get it removed. this is how it shows on EQ

acct # xxxxxxx

individual account


date opened 08/2006

date of last payment 04/2007

scheduled payment amount $0.00

date major delinquency first reported 03/2007

charge off amount $10,030

balloon payment amount $0.00

date closed; blank

comments; charged off account

current status; charged off

high credit $0.00

credit limit $0.00

terms frequency; monthly (due every month)

ballance; $11,254

amount past due; 0.00

actual payment amount; $112

date of last activity; n/a

months reviewed; 11

activity description; n/a

deferred payment start date; blank

baloon payment date; blank

type of loan; auto

they have it listed at repo'ed in december which is true, but date of major delinquency is listed as 3/2007. the repo'ed the car in december...wouldnt that be considered majorly delenquent?? it says i had no high credit limit or credit limit. it says actual payment amount $112 but i never paid them a penny. they have it listed at the bottom as charged off in may and june of 2007

on transunion it looks like this...

wells fargo bk #xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

balance $11,254

date updated 07/2007

high balance; $17,509

past due; $0.00

terms; $0.00 for 72 months

pay status; charged off as bad debt

account type; installment account

responsibility; individual account

date opened; 08/2006

date closed; 03/2007

loan type; automobile

remark; profit and loss writeoff

estimated date that this item will be removed; 9/2013

ok say they say the high limit was 17509 but i recieved a letter from them after the repo demanding 19,000 payment. i never recieved a bill of sale from the auction of the car. they dont know how much i was supposed to be paying per month, it says 0.

it came back verified from both TU and EQ

so based onwhat i see here...i never gave them a penny cause my job went to s*#$t and i couldnt, then when i could, i told them i would be making payment on a friday and the took the car on the wed before that. based on EQ it says they charged off 10,030 with a balance of 11,254 with no amount past due?that would mean my high balance was 21,284 and not 17509 as stated on my TU report. again i never recieved a bill of sale from the auction. where the hell are they comimg up with these numbers and dates??? any and all help is very welcome!! thank you all so much!!


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typBIGJOHNSTUD is probably the most knowledgable in this area he has some really specific posts. Just do a search BIGJOHNSTUD/Repo or he may even pipe in.

Your disputes will be about inaccuracies in the TL's. The account is within SOLC tread lightly unless your prepared to pay. Getting it (TL) removed will take the holy blessing of the Pope that is notarized by Jesus Himself.


It's simple. Learn the rules of the game then play the game better than anyone else, and never hate the player...hate the game.

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BE WARNED!!! You are likely to get a court summons if you mess with this account because it is so "new" and still within the SOL.

However, I am BRAVE and I had a repo still within the SOL and I got it removed by writing this letter. Here is a letter I sent EQ and it got the account deleted...for now. The OC did not verify within 30 days. Please change it to fit your needs. Basically I disputed the account for completness and accuracy. In my opinion, all data fields should be completed and accurate...not just left blank.



My kept changing information after they "verified" it with the CRA.


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Indeed you are.

Thank you. Of course I still have to wait unil 02/09 until the SOL passes. Maybe I'll make it, maybe I won't. My dispute with the OC was that they kept changing information EVERY MONTH...it was never accurate. The date of last activity was reported as 04/03 but I made payments until 09/04.

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