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From what day do I start counting if a debt is SOL

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From what day do you start counting to require a debt SOL.. In PA I know it's 4 years. Is it from the time the original CC company writes off the DEBT. if the case is in arbitration and the statutes runs out during that period before it's heard can it be SOL?

I've received a letter from the courts stating that my case which I won against DBL has been sent to arbitration. I looked up the procedures which follow Lehigh County rules of civil procedures and came across this..

Rule 208.2 (e) Discovery Motions

(1) A motion relating to discovery must aver (i) that counsel for the

movant or petitioner has conferred with opposing counsel and all unrepresented parties

with respect to each matter set forth in the motion and has made a good faith effort to

resolve the parties’ differences, but has been unable to do so; or (ii) that counsel has

made a good faith effort to confer, but has been unable to do so.

Can you please explain this in plain english..I want to petition for a motion of discovery..I want to tie them up in paperwork..since I will not have counsel does that mean I cannot file? thanks for your help in advance

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