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Dismiss granted, next steps to clear for good

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I recently fought a complaint (answered summons, demanded discovery, etc) from a lawyer representing a CA that was/is after me for over $6800. I complied every step of the way, furnished the court with copies of my responses to their interrogatories, etc then had to make a motion to compel discovery after not receiving a single word from the lawyer. After the compel was violated, I motioned to dismiss, and I am 99% sure it was granted (clerk said if it made it to judges review, then 99% of the time they are granted and he confirmed the other party has presented no reason why the case shouldn't be dismissed), but I won't have it in black and white for a few days through the mail.

Now that this atty's off my back, what do I do in order to get rid of this thing for good? The CA's on my credit, and I'd love to get it nixed, as well as eliminate the possibility of this re-surfacing later (I asked for dismiss with prejudice, but don't know if that flew yet). Does beginning the DV process with the CA hold any value now, or where do I start? Or do I need to even start - if the case got shot down, does that mean the CA has to retreat? I am guessing no, and they can sell it to anothe JDB and they can take another stab.

Obviously they tried to get a quick summary judgment this time and I didn't just roll over like they expected, but I'd like to not have similar keep happening. I am assuming they don't have a case since they can't provide the proof I owe this money, especially in the form of a written contract required in Ohio's SOL.

Thanks in advance as always.


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The ca is supposed to mark this debt as in dispute with the cra. I would make sure that has been done. You may have to send to the cra yourself. But this helps with them selling the debt. It makes a red flag come up; if the first ca couldn't collect will I be able to? And why were they unable to collect? It also gives the impression to the potential new ca that you will fight it. But hopefully it will be dismissed for now and worry about the rest when the time comes! Good luck!

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