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Funny Talk with Equifax today


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I had the funniest talk with EQ today. I called to have a fraud alert removed form my file and actually asked to check the status on a dispute I had.

The lady from EQ told me that it came back as verified on 10/05/07. I asked her how could this be possible? I have a letter from the corporate counsel of the collection agency dated on 09/13/2007 (after filing a complaint with the BBB) stating they are requesting the documents from the OC in regards to my debt validation.

I asked her if I could please have the name and phone number of the person or collection agency that she talked to. SHe told me she was sorry and that she didn't have it since they do all their investigations electronically. I then asked her how electronically through the e-Oscar system and she stated yes.

I asked to speak to a supervisor to clarify what has happened and she told me that if she believed there was a problem to contact the FTC.

So now i'm looking really good with these iolations racking up here not to mention that the collection agency trying to collect isn't even legally allowed to collect in my state.

Look like it's time for the ITS letter to go out.

I'll let everyone know what happens.

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