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Interesting situation involving State AG's office


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So about a month ago, I complained to the NY State AG's office about a CA that was reporting on my CR and that had failed to validate the debt at my request. The CA had continued to update w/ the CRAs.

This week, someone from the AG's office contacted me and told me that the CA had sold the debt to another JDB in another state but that she was still pursuing the matter for me. The JDB actually forwarded to her copies of bills as validation of the debt. Well it turns out that although they have my name on them, I never lived at the address given.

So now the AG's rep is asking me to send her proof of my address at the time in question. She is advocating for me to some extent and seems to want to help.

However, my issue is this -- the CA ignored my DV and continued to report and sell the debt. Therefore, they are in violation. Why should I have to jump through hoops to prove that this "validation" they sent to the AG's office isn't really valid? They were already in violation when I contacted the AG. It's too late to validate now. Correct?

Also included in the packet they sent to the AG's office was some kind of internal form the CA uses that had TONS of personal info about me and my family. What's the legality of the CA sending this to some third party?

The delinquency supposedly began in January of 2003 on this utility (phone). Is it correct that the SOL is 4 years on utilities per the UCC?

Thank you for any input any of you helpful people might have!!! :)

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