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different balances


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I started the repair with letters to the big 3 about a month ago.

I use tc monitoring and now things are falling off. I started out with

total accts 11 10 12

open accts 04 01 06

closed accts 07 09 06

del accts 0 0 01

der accts 09 09 07

balances 3492 4658 24807

payments 0 0 361

now after letters

open accts 09 10 10

closed 02 01 05

del 01 00 01

der 05 09 05

bal 2594 4573 22021

payments 361

I mean this is great because this means this is working but my question is now my balances with cap 1 says der on all 3 and 798 800 798

on lvnv it says der on all 3 and 1245 1046 0

how can all 3 have different amounts? arent they suppose to report the same to all?

can I challenge this?

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Do you really owe around what its reporting? Or are they significantly different? If it is about the same, I wouldnt bother challenging it. No sense in opening up a dispute for a few dollar difference. But if its a paid account and still reporting a balance, I would dispute it.

Unless of course you just recently paid it off, then I would give them at least 30 days to update.

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