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Path to a Cap1 Card..

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So, I applied for a cap1 card thinking I had a chance. They liked my EQ report so they pulled my TU one and denied me (hey... stop at the good one would ya?) thankfully, they did NOT pull my EX report (can't take a ding on that one)..

Like I said, I did NOT get the card. However, I did get their prepaid debit card. Big deal... Heres the catch. I WILL get a cap1 credit card if I load 500 or more on this card and use it wisely (IE not run it below 0) for 3 months. Card showed up in the mail the day I went in to work and was asked "hey, do you want direct deposit?" I got out the information for using the card for direct deposit and bam. All set up. This card will see almost 3 times the amount they want deposited a month. I will simply go to my bank, use it for a cash advance and transfer the money I need to my checking. Since my bank won't give me a debit card they can chew on my Cap1 card for a while :D

Best part about it, with direct deposit it costs NOTHING unless you use a ATM, or talk to a live person.

I suspect their CC I am offered in 90 days with be 300-500 limit. But it gets me in the door with a prime bank. You do have to apply for a real crap1 card (I think) to get this offer.

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They denied me after pulling all 3, never got the letter for the denial....

But it is stupid, why did they pull all 3...my ficos could not have been that bad..I got a gieco platinum card the week before...

I'm not sure what the requirements are my was from a preapproved mailer and a business card.

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