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They've "Found" Me!


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Without going into all the details, I am assuming that my long past due (and very high balance) credit card account has been turned over to a collection agency. I have not spoken to anyone however I have received several calls both on my cell phone and my work phone looking for me to return the call regarding a 'personal business matter'. Yesterday I learned that my (married)daughter received a call from this person and last nite I received a call from my ex husband (of 15 years!) that he got a call from this person. I'm sure its just a matter of time before brother and my poor aging father also receive calls. I am willing to deal with this via the mail but I will not put up with the spooky 'stalking'. How do I make it stop?

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I have found that communicating with the CA via fax will stop third-party calls. Include your contact info in the fax. The CA can only legally contact third parties to find your contact info. If they know where you are and continue to call third parties you can start collecting violations, but I have found that faxing, obsessively if neccesary, will stop third-party calls.

Your contact info can be an answering service and a PO Box, but since they already have your phone numbers it may be too late to feed them an answering service number.

It's also time to send a debt validation request. That sometimes shuts them up and causes the account to bounce to another CA, where the fun starts all over again.

Advice can be more specific if we know who the original creditor is and who the CA is.

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they are supposed to ( or should I say , 'allowed to') contact your family members only once

so they may not call them again.

oh, and if they have a idea where you live I'm sure you can expect notes on your door from neighbors too. :-)

What a great way to meet your neighbors huh?

I have questions:

1. Who is the CA?

2. Is it within the SOL?

3. How much is it for?

4. Do they have your current address?


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