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Mann Bracken calls this validation??? Input needed

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these folks signed for my dv on 8/27/07 & I just heard from them today. I don't think this is enough

sorry I don't have a scanner!!

1st page is a nice letter saying this is is in response to your request for validation

2nd page says Basic Account Information then

primary card holder:me

ss#:is correct

address:this is interesting, I moved in June & they list the addy before my new one. when I talked to one of their reps in Aug (right before I found this site) I gave her my new one & she sd they had to use the one were the acct originated. I opened this acct right before I left Cali last year


date opened:correct

Credit product type:cc

date of charge off 6/29/07

total c/o amt: 6402.53

amt of principle charge off:saa

Interest due at c/o:0

last pmt made to chase bank:11/6/07 (correct)

then it says

Name of Present Creditor:chase bank....can that be right? If chase sold it it would belong to MB right?

3rd page says Detailed Account Info:

my name

Unliquidated Claims for Fees, Costs or other ancillary relief. Please not that if we have not filed claim against you and your fees and costs are $0.00, this could cahnge at the Arbitrators discretion.

amt of principle charge off:6402.53

Interest due at c/o:0

a.Attorney's fees: $0 (if awarded by arbitrator)

b.Court Costs: $0(total to date)

c.Interest $0(total to date)

total amount of payments sin 8/6/07 $0

Total of Balance & all anicillary relief: 6402.53

Present interest rate:0%

Default ccontract interest rate: Y or N (nothing is circled)

Statutory Pre-Judgement Interest Rate: Y or N (nothing circled)

Per Diem: 0.00%

Application: Y or N

Statements: Y or N

Date range of statements:

System notes:

Previous correspondence:

Arbitration awards or legal documents:

nothing circled or noted on any of these

Response to Specific Inquiry or Dispute:

under this there are 4 balnk lines, they wrote nothing on them

this document is signed by Jaqueline Galindo, authorized rep chase bank usa, n.a. and was notorized in the state of TX Bexar county

I live in AZ

at the bottom it has the mini miranda and says mann bracken with their hours listed

I sent them the form letter on this site, I don't use that one any more

They haven't proved anything I can see nor their right to collect it

If I'm wrong please tell me

sorry this is so long I just wanted you to see the whole thing

so how do I respond??? I have no money to pay them

the best thing is I didn't have an anxiety attack when I saw this in my mailbox thanks to what I've learned here from everybody!!!

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ok, maybe I said that wrong and quite possibly I missed something. They have shown no original documents & how does that validate that I owe it and they have the right to collect it?

Also they list Chase as the present creditor does that mean I can try to deal w/them directly?

My other concern is that they are still using my old addy even though I verbally gave them the new one & used it on the dv. It's also on the green card I got back from the post office. If they try to serve me with the some kind of papers won't that prevent my getting them?

Sorry for this, I just do not know what my next step is. I want to send them another letter requesting more specific info but am not sure if that's the right thing to do.

Thanks again

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