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Anyone have a good Follow up letter to OC....


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Sent a request for investigation to OC

got a letter from OC telling me to return to the CRA with the dispute and then they would look into it blah blah blah............

Since June I have attempted to dispute this item with CRA (most before I found this site) and the CRA has verified each time. EQ is telling me that the item will be removed 7 years from the date of last activity

The DOFD is not correctly being reported. EQ has never reported any DOFD dates nor have they given me the date as requested and EX had the correct date in 2001 but when I first disputed the item the DOFD had been deleted and changed. I tried submitting a coy of EX's very own report and questioned why was the date changed? Who authorized the change etc.

So now it's back to the OC. Not sure if I should get into detail. I feel if I keep it to simple, I will just get the same Bullsh**t response.

I searched the forum for hours but can't seem to locate a sample Second letter to OC that I could use as a guide. I know I have read some great letter suggestions but I just can't seem to find them. It's probably me! the search feature and I don't seem to work well together......lol

This is a PIF CO DOFD 4/2000(not listed) DOLA 2/08 (listed) DOLP 10/2003



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i did look in sample letters on home page but for OC there is just an initial letter.... I need a follow up because they never answered the first one......I don't know how forceful I should be with an OC or if at all....or do I lean more to the GW route.......

Thanks Point!

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