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Wamu/providian versis Merkurfan, the fight is back on


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They seem to think that 5 months after my dispute and request their investigation results when I disputed with the CRA's they can somehow now answer my dispute. Even after they called and said, we can't tie you to the account so we are going to delete. The called back 3 hours later and said "we found something we'll get back to you" Today they simply called and said "we have reason to believe this is/was your account there for it stays" I asked if they had just found this information today and they said "yes". I replied well thats to bad, as you had 30 days to answer my dispute, a dispute that was signed for 04/30/07!!! I then demanded they delete asap.. CSR said they where going to turn my case over to legal and they will "get back to me at some point"

Gonna get ready to file on them.

Until they actually MAIL something, my dispute has yet to be answered. As they would not give any details on the phone.

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