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Midland Credit Management - Arbitration - Not even licensed in my state!!!


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Okay, just want to be clear on this one and send it back out with proper title.

MCM contacted me at my brothers address and sent a threat of arbitration to me for a supposed old Verizon bill. Long story short I figured out that they do not have a valid license as a collection agency in Florida by calling the Attorney General's office today. Also, I wrote a letter to verify debt and asked them in writing to stop contacting me, but they still are. So, can I do anything about that and also, can they still bring me to arbitration with no license to operate in florida? I mean it's all bogus, BUT I've read some horror stories since this fiasco started and I don't even want it to get there. If anyone knows, please let me know. I planned to just leave it alone for a bit unless they can file aribtration...if not then I will wait out the 30 days I gave them to verify and write a complaint about them.

Thanks for any help.

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