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Just want everyone to know, if you don't already, that the collections department of this corporation has your personal information in India. And, if you are not aware, all three are of one corporation.

Just like so many others, when you are just past the grace period, and the calls begin, most calls originate from a "random dial" system, which asks you to hold for next available rep. Upon answering, it is many times a person with a strong accent, giving you an English name. They are in India. Other times it will be someone in Virginia, or Ontario, California. Illinois is main office for their collections.

Do understand that they are not allowed to assist you in any way except to accept a payment over the phone. They do not note on their screen anything you say accept if you do not pay them. By this, let's say you will take a payment to your local office next Monday, forget it, the calls will continue. BUT, if you tell them not to call, and say you will mail a letter saying this, they will suspend calls for 30 days.

HSBC Card Services is different as most of the calls come from Nevada. Their Customer Service main office is in Salinas, California, including the "Big Boss".

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