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BBB helped get account deleted!!!


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I have been trying to get WFNNB to delete this account since May 2007. Their account was deleted in February from TU and EQ when I disputed early for being obsolete. However, on EX the account was showing deletion date for March 2009. So I waited until May to dispute since the original date of deletion was for May according to other reports. You know what happened,yep EX verified.:twisted:

I wrote WFNNB to investigate the account on May 31, but no response. Don't know why I took so long but I sent out second letter in August informing them of their violation and that I was going to file complaints with the BBB and AG if they did not delete this account. I then received a letter stating that they had sold the account to NCO back in May and to contact NCO because they did not have any records, interesting.:confused: Big violation reporting wrong balance.

Anyways I filed the complaints in September and received response yesterday from the BBB with a confirmation letter from WFNNB that they are going to delete account. I'm so happy. :BigDance: Now I'll be watching to see if EX will do their job.:twisted: I could have easily taken them to court but I'm satisfied with the results. Thanks CIC. Still have a long way to go but I am making progress. Still tackling Crap One.

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