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Credit reports - can they report this way?


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I have 2 collection agencies that are reporting the "Date open" as the wrong date. I'm guessing maybe this is the date they started to want to sink thier teeth. Legally do they have to show the date of the original collector? One is from RJM.

The other question I have is about duplicate showings. Like if XYZ creditor extends me credit, I default and ABC Collection Agency takes it do both of them stay on the report?

Next, do all of the creditors have to have the same information? RJM is showing 3 different amounts of which I still can't figure out what it was on all three different reports.

Next, I paid off my car in settlement mid year last year for just a little less than the full price. It still comes and reports every month like I'm 30 days late and I'm not 30 days late - the thing is paid!!!

Lastly, do the creditors have to legally show a collection agency name? The other one of these rascals simply states "Collection" in the Account name section.

Whewwww!!! That was a lot and I totally appreciate any response!

Thanks for your help!

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