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Can I DV after the 30 days is past?


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I know the answer to this question is somewhere and I did look around for it but can't find it right now. Please forgive me for this being a redundant question.

We have several accounts in collections. After pulling my head out of the sand I have sent a debt validation to two of them. These two are in response to letters from the collections agency's that I received in the beginning of October but they have been calling me on the phone for much longer than before I got these letters.

One is for The Bureaus Inc. who have my Providian/Wamu acct. This account had grown very high with interest, late fees, etc., reaching over $20,000.

The other is Central Credit Services, Inc. who have my Wells Fargo acct. This account is for a little over $3000.

I am awaiting the return receipt green card back in the mail along with the agency's response to these two accounts.

I have a few other accounts where I got the letters longer than 30 days ago. I have not yet DV'd them. Here is my question--since it is after the 30 days what happens when I DV them? Can they still pursue collections? Do they still have to prove I owe the debt? Do they have to stop calling me and all my relatives like I will request in the letter?

Since it is after the 30 days what happens? Am I really screwed here since I waited too long or what?

I have quite a few people calling the house, one I don't know who it is and can't find any info anywhere. It is 866-384-6376 and the gilrs just says it's "Melissa Aniston" and for me to call her back. This is the only one I can't identify. I have never called her back.

Any advice given here will be much appreciated as I start this long road. Thanks so much.

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I DV'd two collection agencies, not the original creditors.

As for the ones that I have not yet DV'd, those are over 30 thirty days from when I got the letters. I will go ahead and DV them as they are calling constantly, leaving messages like "You have until 9 p.m. today to call us back. I can assure you if we do not hear back from you a decision will be made." They have also called relatives (the ones that we don't even have a friendly relationship with) asking for us and I suspect they may have given more info to them that they are allowed to. Of course I will never know that for sure.

Some collectors that have been calling my house--I have never gotten any written mail from them, ever.

Thank you for your response.

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