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Well...I guess we have the CR cleaned up enough

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That Capital One just approved DH for a Mastercard. In fact we had 3 preapproval peices of mail from them today.

1 for a Mastercard with 0% APR until April 08 with a 19.9% APR after that, $19 annual fee ($200-$2000 cl)

1 for a Visa 23.9% APR $69 annual fee and $69 enrollment (up to 1k cl)

1 for a Mastercard 0% APR until October 08 with a 18.9% APR after that, $39 annual fee ($300 - $2000 cl)

I shredded the first two preapprovals....were they serious OMG ~ esp the VISA...no thank you very much.

Went on line and did the app for the 3rd offer and was approved...should have the card in 7-10 days. Don't know what the credit limit is yet...should know when we get the card. The 0% APR for a year was what sold me...of course it's only for purchases, no BT or cash advances (ridiculous APR on those) I'm kinda sittin here dumbfounded. DH applied with Cap1 about a month ago and was denied and now he's approved...crazy, I tell you! But hey we've worked hard to clean the CR up and it feels good that it's showing. YAY us...lol Don't know what use we'll have for a MC since it's not widely accepted anymore but at least its a positive TL and will find a nice home in the sock drawer. :lol: after a few small purchases to get the ball rollin.;)

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Thanks! I think I'm going to stay in the mind set of not everyone accepts MC anymore. It'll keep us out of trouble.

And on that note...I'm off to read a little Dave Ramsey ~ We listen to him alot and I want to know more. I know he's anti credit card and I like that but at the same time we want to build our credit up and have the CCs but just not have to use them. I'm going to try and find a happy medium....wish me luck!

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