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Just Wanting to Cross Check My Overall Strategy With Y'all!

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Ok, so, here's what I'm doing:

Have a couple collection accounts I'm trying to get rid of...(lol, don't we all??)

Anywho, I'm clearly out of my initial "30 day" window.

At the beginning of every month, I'm going to dispute with CRA's, while at the same time, DV'ing the collectors.

If the CRA's verify, I'm sending them the, "Oh, how did you verify this information?" letter.

If the DV's either don't respond, or they send "something" other than full "validation and verification", I'm going to repeat this process for a few months, thereby racking up obvious violations to whatever the precise section of the FCRA(or the one that governs collections, FDCRA is it? I suck at acronyms!) is, THEN sue their arses in small claims.

That about the general gist of it?

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