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Sample Letter for DV on PAID Collections


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I am such a noob, I've been searching and searching for ideas but am at a loss.

I have paid all of my collection accounts. I would like to remove them from my CR and have disputed with the CRAs. If they come back verified, I will then dispute with the CAs but need help wording a letter.

I haven't been able to find any Samples, most advice is for validating the debt if you still owe it.

Thanks in Advance,


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I don't know how I missed that sticky title.


Here's how I recently removed a paid collection:

1) Sent a dispute letter to the CA. This is the same as a DV letter, except I replaced "debt validation" with "dispute" in the letter.

2) Disputed the TL with all 3 CRA's. Came back as verified.

3) Sent the CA an ITS letter outlining their FCRA violations (also violated CALI state law). Gave them 7 days to remove the TL's and pay me.

4. Checked my CR's and all TL's are gone!

I'm going to try this process. I guess my question is answered by replacing "debt validation" in the letter with "dispute". Of course I'll mix it up and make it my own.

Thanks for the help.

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