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Stop calling letter & Validation questions.


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Hi, new here.

I have 2 credit card debts, one for slightly over 5000 and one for slightly over 2000. I am unsure about the actual dates these started and don't know if I can find out since they have been resold to different collection agencies several times. I do know both debts are about 6 years old. One of the debts originated in NJ, I don't know if that matters or not since I live in PA now.

I'm trying to figure out the whole Statute of Limitations things for open ended accounts (thats the right type of account, right?) Apparently 4 years for my state of PA and 3 years for the state of NJ, but I'm a little dense and I don't quite get it. (must be my blonde highlights) Does this amount of time reset when the debt is sold?

I read about validating the debt but I'm not sure if that's something I should do right now since I will not be able to pay anything for some time. I am recovering from several surgeries and it will be awhile before I'm able to hold a job again.

If I attempt to validate a debt with the credit bureau and the SoL time limit has been passed does that mean my debt is just.. gone? :confused:

I have this one company calling several times a day about the $2000 debt. I have explained my situation several times but I am always forced to end the conversation prematurely when they either become rude or keep repeating the same thing over and over to me. I am always polite and tell them that I have said all there is to be said but they keep calling and obviously have no intention of stopping.

I was going to send them a stop calling letter that I found online and reworded. Something about the "FDCPA Section 805© Ceasing Communication" The site says they won't be allowed to call me again except to invoke specified remedies or something.

I don't know if thats a good idea or not, or if it's even legit. I also don't want to communicate with them if theres a chance that I don't need to pay this or deal with them while paying it.

I'm not trying to be a jerk, I don't want to owe money, I was incredibly stupid to buy all that junk I couldn't afford. I will pay what I owe when I am working if the debt is there, but right now I have no money.

Sorry this was so long! Thanks for reading and I hope you guys have a good day/night :)

Thanks again!


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You should not talk to CA's on the phone. They can trick you into things and the debt can be reaged. Send a C&D letter and tell them that you record all calls since you are in a PA. That puts them on notice that you record them. The SOL expires 180 days past the last payment you made. They can't collect the debt but it will remain on your CR for 7 years then fall off. They can try to sue but your defense is it's past the SOL.

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I have 2 credit card debts, one for slightly over 5000 and one for slightly over 2000. I am unsure about the actual dates these started and don't know if I can find out...

First go here and get all three of your credit reports:


You are looking for the Date of First Delinquency (DOFD). The DOFD may not be on all reports, but you can deduce the date from the date the trade line is scheduled to fall off your report. The DOFD is when the SoL clock starts running. SoL for the debt could be in NJ or PA, either way, if the debts are over 4 years, you should be in the clear.

Anytime you get an initial dunning letter from a CA, you should reply with a DV letter.

If the debt is beyond the SoL, go ahead and send a C&D letter.


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Ok I got my scores and everything from the bureaus and I just have absolutely no clue what they mean.

The equifax one has the same credit cards listed on closed as they do on open. I assume this is just showing the original company selling the debt to a collection agency?

One of the closed credit cards is reading as "Charge-off" and is listed as being opened 05/1999. It also says "Account transferred or sold,

Charged off account" I see this bill again several times in the open sections from other companies that have bought it. Since it was from 99, does that mean I don't have to pay? I don't see an area that tells me date of last payment so I'm not sure how to figure it out.

I also don't see anything anywhere about the DOFD or anything about the date of a trade line. I can see the dates they were opened on the Experian accounts but on the Equifax accounts it says the dates are not available.

I see one account in good standing from a credit card from years ago that I never paid and should not be in good standing, did they just give up and cancel?

I guess I just don't know exactly what I'm looking for. Is there somewhere I can go to have this explained to me? I'm printing everything for reference. Sorry.. just so darn confused.

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