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being sued for $2000

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I am being sued for a debt that is less than $2000 by a lawyer/debt collector.

They actually want to take me to court!

Should I try to settle directly with the lawyer

to avoid going to court and paying court costs..

plus avoiding getting my wages garnished?




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What type of debt is it? Is it within the SOL? Did you ever DV them before they sued you (don't bother now if you didn't before)? Is the amount correct? Is this on your CR? One thing to also note that I've seen on this site is people will settle up before their court date and the damn lawyer still goes to court. Of course, you'd think its all settled and taken care of so you don't bother. So you want to cover your bases in that case too.

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Cases (atleast in MA) $2000 and under, are small claims (opposed to civil). This is very common considering in MA, I believe it costs approx $40 to file and $30 (with the sheriff) to serve. Plus all reasonable attorney fees and all court and filing fees can be legally attached to the judgment. 90% of the cases I work are small claims (hundreds).

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