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Please advise if I should do anything different - Starting my repair process today:)


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I have spent the last several days reading over the posts on this site. I've went over my credit report and I think I'm doing what I should be based on what I've read, which I'm going to read over it again because some of it is running together I've read so much.

I've got DV letters ready to send today for old accounts that are COs. Both are outside of the 30-day timeframe because I was contacted in August, but I'm going ahead with them anyway. I'm coming up on the SOL so I think I need to do this before they do anything further - is this correct? These letters contain a statement asking the CA/attorney office not to contact me by phone going forward. I'm sending all 3 CRAs dispute letters for inaccurracies within my report that are for differing charge-off amounts between the 3 reports to incorrect employment info to incorrect addresses for me.

One question I have is if there has been a judgment filed against me and Cavalry (represented by an attorney) won I assume because I didn't go should I do anything with that or can I? I have been so blind and thought I was at their mercy and assumed I needed money to dispute and it would make it more difficult on me in the long run.

Lastly - this board is wonderful and so full of information. I truly have read and apologize if I ask something that has been answered - there is just so much here.

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