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Sallie Mae obligated to rpt correctly?


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horror story or high priced ignorance

Experian Rpt


Credit Limit/Original Amount:$1,312

Status: Transferred,closed/Never late.

Status Details: This account is scheduled to continue on record until Apr 2011.

Date Opened: 10/1996

Reported Since: 10/1996

Date of Status: 04/2001

Last Reported: 04/2001


Status: Transferred,closed/Claim filed with government.

Date Opened: 04/2001

Reported Since: 05/2001

Date of Status: 04/2004

Last Reported: 04/2004

Credit Limit/Original Amount: $1,313

these are the same loan. why is Sallie Mae rpting the date opened as 04/2001 and USA as 10/96??

Both are old so why does EXP have USA as dropping from my rpt Apr 2011 & Sallie Mae has no drop date at all?

So Sallie Mae will never leave my rpt? USA can stay until till 2011?

this is nuts or maybe i'm nuts oodles and noodles :roll:

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