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I need advice in Texas regarding tenant deposit


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I live in texas, rented a duplex for over a year. always paid rent on time. gave over a 30 day notice. it has been 45 days now and they have not returned my desposit nor sent me anything, and i have been calling them.

I sent my 30 day notice CCMR. i just sent them a letter (CMRR) giving them 5 days to return my deposit or i was taking them to small claims court.

in texas the law is that if they don't return your deposit or send you an itemized statement within 30 days you can sue for 3 times amount of deposit, attorney's fees,and $ 100.00 Statutory fee for something.

I don't think they are gonna return it. Should i get an attorney or is this something i can do on my own?

Thanks in advance for any advice!

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