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Losing a battle against Verizon... Please help!


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Thank you for reading this thread.

I had a wireless account with Verizon Wireless from August 2002 to December 2006.

Around January 2005 they switched my account to some other plan, due to lost cellphone. What they did not tell me was that the daytime hours that prime rate was to apply was also switched from 7am-7pm, to 6am-9pm. I did not find out about it until later part of the year (my mistake). After countless phone calls to the reps, and all the angry arguments that went nowhere, it was placed on collection. They started reporting it as CO from April 2006, in the amount of $422.

From around May 2007 I decided it's not worth fighting for and attempted to work this out with them, offering full payment for deletion. Tried a few times but they wouldn't budge.

I disputed with CRAs stating it's not mine. TU was deleted. Verizon verified with EX and EQ, twice. They updated the TL to include it's been disputed by the consumer, so there's no leverage for me.

I tried to see if I can find any incorrect information in TL. Almost everything looks correct. The only incorrect information on TL that I can find would be:

  • First name on my account is slightly misspelled. That is, say my name is Jon. They spelled it as John. Also John appears in Verizon statements.
  • Date the account was opened is not August 2002, but January 2005. I assume they put the date when the account was swiched over to a new network. Account number's the same, however. Maybe I have something to work with here?
  • In EX report, account history reads "Charge Off as of Sep 2007, Jul 2007, Apr 2006 to Jun 2007". Is this reaging? This also appears in my truecredit 3-1 report as well.

I do have all the bills saved (even the original contract I signed) from 2002. What I do not have is the contract they claim I agreed upon in 2005, which included daytime hours update. I called them and asked to send me a copy, but they never produced one yet.

What should I do at this point? Should I try to dispute again with CRAs with incorrect information? Should I try to sue Verizon? But what ground?

I have been really frustrated with my progress with them. I am about to get a mortage, and because of this my FAKO scores (from truecredit) on EX and EQ are near 100 points below that of TU.

I feel I'm standing in the middle of a desert. It is so frustrating. Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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The bottom line is that creditors are required to furnish accurate information to CRAs. You opened the account in 2002, your name is being reported incorrectly etc... so the information is NOT accurate and you can prove it. Follow the link at the top of the page regarding disputing with the OC.

Use the violations as leverage to get the TL off your report.


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