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I am 26 and have never had a credit card. My philosophy has always been that if I don't have the money now, I don't need it! But, I am finding out that no credit is bad credit!

I am about to move into my co-op (condo) so am thinking that I should try to build credit with everything I'm going to need to buy. But, this is the thing...I have a little settlement coming my way and was going to use the money to build up the place. I really don't want to get a credit card where I am going to pay interest on things I could have just bought without interest if I just paid up front.

I've vaguely heard about credit cards where you can put whatever on it, and as long as you pay your monthly bill on time there is no interest. I've also heard you can get card where you basically put whatever on it, like $500 and then you can charge up to that amount and they basically pay themselves off using your money over whatever amount of time and it looks like you had a card and oaid the bill.

What would be my best option? :)++

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