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Mann Bracken Warrant in Debt recieved


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I have been reading these boards now for the last week or two and it has been wonderful.

I received a Warrant in Debt from Mann Bracken (I live in Va) it came in the mail no service and no case number on it but with a court date and time listed. They represent Chase Bank, accounts say multiple.

I have not DV'd them yet.

I called my attorney, she checked online and saw no case listed/filed and she had me call the courthouse and they do not have a case listed/filed. The court did say MB can file at anytime though and have me served. I faxed the WiD to my attorney.

Did MB do anything wrong in this case with their little "scare" tactic where I could sue them?

MB does not show up on my credit report...Chase shows the account as a charge off and account closed.

Any advice?



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Wow, that's a tactic I haven't heard about from Mann Bracken. I'm dealing with them as well for a Chase acct. They don't show up on my CR either. Chase still owns my debt. But that is insane. This couldn't possibly be an arbitration notice could it?? It doesn't sound like it though, sounds like overshadowing. Let us know what your atty says.

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