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Help for a Family Who Lost Their Home in the Fires

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Hi Everyone,

I don't usually do things like this, but I am sending out this message because a friend of mine and his family lost their home in Rancho Bernardo this week in the "Witch Fire." Their address was 12554 Cloudesly Drive, San Diego, Ca 92128. It literally burned to the ground. Since they had no warning and had to run out of the house at 4am with fire already in their backyard, they lost EVERYTHING! They have two little girls 9 and 7, who lost all of their clothes, books, games, toys, literally all of their belongings. The little girls are having a hard time and we feel it may help them if they were to have some books and things to keep them occupied. I know that a lot of people are going to need help when the dust settles, but, if you want to help someone right now, please send a gift card or something small to them at:

Kevin and Nicole Martin

PO Box 270355

San Diego, CA 92198-2355

or Paypal: k_martin@yahoo.com

For those who would like to send something larger, please send it to Kevin's colleague at:

The Martins

c/o Jill Fontana

3963 Mt Abraham Ave

San Diego, CA 92111

Some of you have been asking for details on the family to send things… here they are…

Grandmother- 5'4", size 2x, shoe 7w

Nicole (mother) Dress: medium (petite), Shoe: 6 1/2, Pants: short 6-7, Shirt: medium

Emily (age 9) shoe: 4, dress: kids medium, pants/shirt: kids 10/12 (into American Girl, Books, Surfer Girl/ocean things, science)

Haley (age 7) shoe: 13/1, dress: kids small, pants/shirt: kids 7� (into American Girl, horses, petshop, drawing/painting)

I would appreciate your help getting them back on their feet. They are a VERY nice family.

Thank you,


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How very sad Curlytop.:(

We own a bookstore I'm sure we can quickly gather some chapter books together and I will definitely see what else we can forward along. Losing the security of their own homes has to be such a terrible feeling for them, especially the children. :( I will pass the word along as well.

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That is super thoughtful of you. They have said that they are very touched that people are reaching out to help them and it means a lot to their girls to feel cared for by the community. They are still pretty fragile, but I am hoping that as books, toys, etc...roll in for them, they will get excited and feel better. If it turns out they get an abundance of things, we plan on spreading the love to their neighbors, as well. Thanks so much and sorry again for your loss.

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My sister had to evac from her home in Rancho Bernardo on Monday morning. I got a frantic call from her at 7am telling me they had to go.

They went to stay with a friend in Mira Mesa (about 20 miles south). On Monday night they had to evacuate from there. Fortunately they were able to make it to Irvine up in OC with a family friend and stayed safely with them until now. They were finally let back home this morning, and thankfully their home is intact.

Their friends didn't fare so well.... one of them woke up at 5am to 4-story flames directly in his backyard!!! :shock: He barely made it out of his house with his family in one piece.. much less have a chance to salvage anything :(

I was staying with my sister back in 2003 when the last round of massive fires hit, and can sadely say that I've experienced the fear and terror that these wildfires bring... anyone who hasn't seen these things first hand.... wow, there's no way to describe just how scary and fierce it really is.

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I have a sister in law with girls that may have some clothes and I have a lot of jeans if they don't mind that they were from my son. Can't really tell the difference whether boys or girls. I have tons of jeans that will fit the older girl. Let me know and I can see about rounding up more clothes for them.

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You guys are great. Thanks! It doesn't really matter if they are boys clothes. We will pass them on to others who need them if the girls can't use them. There will be a lot of others who were their neighbors who will need things as well. Kevin works at Qualcomm where a lot of families from that area work. Feel free to send anything that you think someone can use. Thanks again, you guys!!!

PS- My best wishes to any of your friends and families who were affected by this tragedy, as well. We can try to get them help too, if needed.

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Thanks again for the great response, you guys. You guys on this forum are the best! A former classmate of both mine and Kevin's works at PayPal and was able to get all fees waived for his account for the next month. So, 100% of the money that goes there will end up helping the family.

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