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Does a CA have to investigate like the OC?


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Does A CA have to investigate like the OC if they verify with CRA's? Is this the way to go after the 30 days to DV has passed?

Found A TL on my report that is well beyond the 30 days. I DV'd Paragonway the same day I started disputing with EQ as not mine and they Verified. They also reported twice before I got a reply to my DV it was on there letter head and typed with OC Amount owed ETC. I Did not send CMRRR however they still replied.

Paragonway says they bought the account from Juniper bank 12/2003.

My CR says it is a Barclays Bank Delaware account opened in 02/2002.

Paragonway Date of 1st Delinquency 02/2002

Barclays Bank Delaware Date of Last Paymnt 05/2003 Date Maj.Del. 1st Rptd 01/2004 Transfer/Sold Balance Amount $0

Same Account#'s

I also asked for investigation from Barclays Bank Delaware soon as EQ verified and never got a response. Didn't send CMRRR Either :(

Lesson Learned will always send CMRRR from now on.

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