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Do I have them on a technicality?

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Hey guys,

I disputed on old paid CO with HSBC NV.

It came back as verified; however, the wrong account was verified. They verified my new account and HSBC NV sent me a letter stating that they verified my account (new card). So I don't know who messed up, either the CRA or the OC, but if I send the CRAs the letter do they have to delete because they did not verify the right account within the 30 days?

I checked my print outs, I did not make the mistake, it was either the CRA or HSBC NV.


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Calling all gurus:

TU and EX verified a wrong account. I had two HSBC NVs on my report, one new one (good) and one old charge off (bad).

I disputed the old (paid) CO and they verfied my new account number, not my old. Of course I have everything proving this. HSBC NV even sent me a letter saying that they validated; however, it was the new account number.

I want to send TU and EX a letter asking for the MOV, but I am in my second round of disputes and don't want to cause them to be able to add 15 more days to my current disputes. EQ deleted.

Does asking for MOV constitute a new dispute? In my letter I was basically going to say "you did not verify in 30 days so please delete" and ask for MOV, if I should.

What do you think?

Thanks in advance to all!

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No problem, Donna!! :D Saves everyone--including you!--from having to ask or answer the same questions twice. ;)

To answer your latest question... yes. They will add another 15 days. Any action or "further information" on your part before the initial 30 days is up extends their time. Wait until the 30 days is up (add a week to be safe) and then challenge them.

Hope I interpreted the situation correctly... if not, feel free to clarify! :)

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