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Collection letter but not on Credit report?


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I have several collection letters from CA's but they are not showing up on my Credit reports? What should I do with them.
I have a collection letters from a CA but they are not showing up on my Credit reports? What should I do with them?

Kill two birds with one stone here:

DV THEM. They have to wait 30 days for you to DV them, then they can place the account on your report (if it's not tied to an account that has passed the 7 year reporting mark = too old).

Don't bother using one of the DV sample letters, this will work just fine:

Dear Collector -

This letter is in response to your letter to me dated _________, in which you are collectiong on an account you claim is mine.

Under the FDCPA, I am entitled to validation of this alleged debt, and I am now requesting it.

In addition, All calls to my employer are prohibited and calls to my home are recorded.

Cordially -

SavvyConsumer (YOU)

There. That's all you need. Send it CMRRR (certified Mail, Return Receipt Requested)...if they call you at work, they've violated. If they call you at home, record them. They can't report now until they provide you with validation.

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As a side note, there is no requirement for a CA to report to the CBs the delinquient account. If they are not doing it, then that is in your favor. They are still bound to the rules of the FDCPA regarding all other aspects though. As long as they are not and you make some aggreement (i.e PIF), make sure that agreement (in writting of course) states they will not report to the CBs

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While I agree with you in principle for the majority people who come here (no PFD before DV), there are some who come here, like me, that are caught in the situation where they have to clear these debts in a timely manner or suffer the loss of a security clearance which results in loss of a job (military or civilian). Whether it's fair or not is moot. In that case, one has to take a little bit different approach regarding PFD. It's a different world since 911.

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I never said anything about it being fair or not.

If there ARE extenuating circumstances sure creativity is a good thing. But I see sending a PFD immediately after a CA pops up as not a smart thing.

"clearing a debt in a timely manner" is good. Paying a debt to someone who does not own it or has no right to collect is quite another. Why pay someone who may very well NOT have legal standing to collect?

Besides - when you DV, they can't report until they get validation anyhow! Are you saying DV and PFD is a way to get out of legit debts? Someone who knows they need spotless (or nearly so) credit to keep something they have sure as hell would do anything they can to not be in the situation at first, know waht I mean?

not meaning to sound callous, and I'm sorry if I do. But something just doesn't really jive with me.

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