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Verizon Wirelss COllection charge off for 53 dollars =(


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Ok, march of last year, i got a new cell phone from verizon, and they had the "30 day return policy" and i ended up returning the phone and canceling service in the 30 day time frame. 5 months later, I recieved a bill from a collection agency on their behalf, for an amount of 53 dollars for "use" of service, which I paid off, but now is showing as a collection item on my report...

53 dollars??!?!?! a collection for 53 dollars??? are you kidding me!?!?

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it will only be "stuck there" if you allow that...this website has plenty of great advice..it may be overwhelming at first but take time to study and act upon the info on here...im a newbie on here, in the middle of my first dispute and so far have 10 negatives removed from my experian report and TU...havent attacked Equifax yet.

I would fight for your perfect report again...especially if you have already paid this. Good luck.

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and you paid it just to make it go away...


IIWYIW first dispute it with the CRA's.

if that doesn't work..

contact Verizon CEO ( via CMRRR) and write a nice but firm letter

letting him know that this is probably just a simple

misunderstanding but , of course, it is totally unacceptable

to have a collection TL on your CR,

and you don't want to be forced to sue

for such a small matter.

I had an issue with Verizon myself and found them reasonable.

In all my letters with problem companies or CA's I've always

written fairly nice but firm letters and that has worked 100% of the time so far.

( knock on wood)....


my most recent success being a $4170 charge being erased.

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