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CRA selling my info, I'm optted out. Funny talk with sales guy...


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My grandcentral number is posted to my reports now. I think EX has been informing/selling my information to CA's and now credit repair companines. Today I got a call from one.

Went something like this..

Yes merkurfan, we can raise your scores 100 points in 6 months.

oh ya? how?

We have lawyers and other trained professionals who are experts in credit repair!

Oh ya? So?

So for a small fee, we can repair your credit so you can get that mortgage your looking for.

Oh? How did you know I was looking for a mortgage.

Are you interested in trying our services today?

Again, how did you find out I was looking in to a mortgage?

The provider of your contact information probably informed us. So about that trail sir..

Oh, so one of the major reporting companies sold you my information?

Yes, sir, that is likely what happened

Huh, funny, I'm currently off the list for promtions on all 3.

Sir, about the trail of our service...

Oh ya, 100 points in 6 months huh? I just got my updated FICO score today, I'm up 175 points since april. So, basically I did for myself near two fold what you are offering for how much a month again?

Sir it's "only" 199 per month.

I'm sorry? 2 dollars a month?

No sir, 200 dollars.

Oh, gee.. Seems I am getting much better results for free.


God I wish I had hit the accept and record button. I thought it was a call I was expecting from a different company. I wish he had hung on, I was going to offer his company my services for only 175 a month per customer. Better results, hands off approch, sit back and watch me do their hard work and collect 25 dollars a month :)

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I can see where they might be able to tell asset about my mortgage inq.. But a credit repair service? When I have opted out?

This has not ended yet. I am going to try and find their source of the information. Op out, shoud be just that.

For the record, asset has started calling my grandcentral number trying to collect that old util bill, when I accept their call with record they just hang up. Hopefully one of them will be dumb enough to stay connected so I can tape our conversation. Of course, since they are notified I am recording, I'll be sure to post and share in the laughs.

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