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Guess whos going to Hannah Montana?

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Yup, thats right...yours truly. Try not to be jealous.

I was watching some of the bids on ebay, noticed that one of them didnt go very high. Didnt think much of it. When I looked at some of the other listings, I noticed one that had a starting bid of .99 and ended the day AFTER the concert...wtf? So I clicked on it. Turns out it was just another thoughtful parent, setting up a dummy auction, letting everyone know that ticketmaster had released additional tickets and to NOT buy any on ebay!

So I tried my luck at ticketmaster.com and VIOLA! 3 tickets at face value!! I couldnt believe it. I wonder if they are doing this in other states?!

Just wanted to share.xdancex

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Nice Job!!!

Thanks! I did end up sending a thank you letter to the person who posted the ad on ebay, and then also posted a bulletin on myspace and craigslist, just to get the word out for those who dont know so some other girl could have a shot at tickets. I guess thats my good deed...lol

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Oh bleh.

Speaking of my interests, where have ya been lately honey??? 8]

Just dealing with some of the crap that life throws at ya... ;) And working like a dog (around a hundred hours a week). I'm working right now. :evil:

Now release this hijacked thread back to Ms. Morrow!:ah:ah:ah:

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