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The Complete Guide to a Higher Credit Score By: Joe Lance Letizia


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I have been reading this book and in this books it states:

Capital(Name of his company) recommends disputing an error on-line with the respective credit bureau and by certified mail return receipt when mailing a dispute to your creditor

This will allows the creditor the opportunity to confirm the error to the credit bureau from your on-line dispute as well as direct certified mail to the creditor.

Does anyone know what this information means?

Please feel free to say what you think in regards to this information that I read in this Book.

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Ive been waiting for the CARA results before i sent a DV letter..Im i wrong in doing this? I figured why waste time/money if it gets deleted from my CR.

Send the DV first. As soon as you know they have the letter, then dispute with the CRAs. The CA then can:

Not likely-->Verify the debt and update your CR.

Most likely-->Verify the debt with the CRAs. (Considered collection activity and not permitted w/o verification of the debt.)

This is the heart of the "1-2 punch".


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