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Vacate a Judgment


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I have been reading


and I have a question.

I have disputed this with all three Credit Buearu and came back verified.

Do I need to send the Sample letter 16 - Motion to Vacate letter to the court system? Or start with the Collection Agency (plaintiff)?

In the letter it states

2. I request that the judgment entered in this action be vacated for the following reasons:

the collection agency never responded to my request for validation, therefore never giving any proof that the debt was mine under the FDCPA. B) The amount of the debt exceeded the state's usury interest limits

That is saying that I have already attempted to Validate the debt with the Collection Agency

I don't even know what this judgment is for and not even sure it was properly served with the correct documentation.

Thanks in advanced.

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If so, are you prepared to settle or possibly lose again?

The judgement is paid I just want it gone. Whats the worst that could happen if I lose?

I just don't think it was processed correctly going on that the CA does't have the documentation.

What is filing an answer? Got an example?

Thanks again.

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