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What was your Halloween screw up after too much alcohol?

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Ok figured this would be fun after seeing a bunch of pics of people in their costumes and trying to figure out who/what they were.

I would say it was maybe 8 yrs ago. I had gone with a friend to a buffet for his bday on Halloween. Well, I found out at that time that it was all you can drink champagne so I was like all for it. Mind you, this was at 11am. Well, the waitors and waitresses were all dressed up in costume. So, you know how you tend to get after a few drinks, I was trying to see what all of them was dressed as. There was this one that kept eluding me. I SWEAR TO GOD from afar and a bunch of drinks this person looked like they were in a Barney costume. I finally got to the point that I asked one of the waitors what that person was dressed in, kind of loud I might say. He said what do you mean? Still kind of loud, I told him that I had been trying to see that person's Barney costume all morning but they don't come down this way. Then he went on to say that the person was not in a Barney costume. I argued sure he is. Well I went to the restroom and when I came out the person was right there getting menus. OMG! It wasn't a Barney costume, it was a large woman dressed in traditional African garb which was all purple. I discretely hid my face and went past, paid my bill, had another quick drink and left. lol. I was embarrassed but still enjoyed the champagne. lol

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