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debt validation question

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We were contacted by a debt collection law firm a year or so ago about a past due Sears account. We made an agreement on a monthly payment but only on a 6 months at a time basis. So, every 6 months they call wanting the balance in full. We told them no, all we can do is continue as before. Well, the 2nd 6 months is up now and they've left a few messages for us to call them. I know they want all the money, but we can't do that.

By the way, this law firm isn't in my state and this hasn't gone to court or anything.

My question is, should I send them a letter of validation, or does that go to Sears? Would the letter do any good or is it too late. The law firm doesn't report to the credit bureau's, Sears does.

Thanks for all your help.

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