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Interesting...2nd validation from Mann Bracken


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Ok, so I just checked my mail and there was a large envelope in it from good old MB. Now I got their standard bs validation that everyone else seems to get a few weeks ago. I thought for a minute it might be arb papers but then realized I have to sign for those.

The cover letter just says: attached for your review are the documents you requested. Then a bunch of statements for the chase cc. What does this mean? I didn't read the paperwork they sent initially which probably says that i agree to arb not having a clue what that would mean & never expecting I wouldn't be able to pay my bill.

I know a few other folks here are going thru the process and was wondering if they got one of these too. If not be on the lookout, maybe.

And they sent it to my old addy & it was forwarded to me

Any thoughts?

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