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BOA charge off and paid collection


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I have a charge off issue with BOA. I got into a car accident, and insurance paid off the balance of th car. HOwever, i found out later that one of the payment prior to the accident was returned, so BOA entitled me to pay for the amount. After dealing with the insurance about it, i decided to just pay it off like 5 months after the accident. I thought everything will be fine, but then they show up in my report as paid charge off. ??? it's not even charge off anymore because i called to verify that it's already paid. What can i do to get this charge off out of my record? i called BOA but they just said that they can't remove it cuz it's a charge off. What can i do to get them to remove it?

I also have 2 paid collection with St John hospital but i was paid through the creditor. I didn't know this forum b4 i paid. I sent GW letters to those creditors but no response.

I am around 580 and would like to get up to 680 to refinance my car loan.

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