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Anyone using Identity Guard thru Costco?


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I am checking out my CR and notice that there is no "last active" area on the report showing. Am I reading something wrong? I see there is a last reporting area, which I assume is different that last active.

Reason I ask is I have a few "old" collections that on a NCO CR (we got a copy from a mortage lender in August) show that according to the "last active" date (which to my recollection is correct) is in 2002/2003 - which means they should fall off 2009/2010.

Also by being this old these accounts aren't affecting my score too much, right?

We have to refi our mortgage in 2009 and am trying to get things cleaned up before then but only what is really necessary, right now.


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I use Identity Guard, but I don't think its through Costco. I think your trying to figure out

when the clock started on the fall off date? Are they paid collections? If not you might

want to try a paid for deletion. Search PFD, ask your mortgage broker about the FHA

product that was rolled out to help deal with the adjustables. Just FYI, if you don't have

a lot of equity in your house you might want to consider what your house will be worth in


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