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Sent DV letter to CA . Now what?

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Hi Everyone,

I sent my DV letter to CA this past week-end. Now what do I look for?

I'm not sure what to look for if they try to validate. I am not sure what are the documents that I need to see from the CA. Copy of original contract that I signed?(this was back in 1985) . People say not to accept a printout with your address and what looks like a bunch of dates. I'm not sure what I need to see to know if the CA will pursue this further and if they have a cae against me. This debt was probably written off in late 1999 or early 2000.

I made some payments to another CA but stopped in early '04. Not sure if this will hurt me or not.

Once again , I am seeking help from you wonderful people in this community.

Thanks again:)


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Hi Everyone,

I sent my DV letter to CA at beginning of Nov. I have now received a letter from this CA stating that they have removed what they reported on this debt from the 3 collection bureau's(I checked the bureaus and I did not see this CA on any of them for this debt).

They told me the original creditor (Citi) could still report the debt to the credit bureau's. The debt is way over the SOL for reporting to the bureaus so I do not think this will happen.

My question is what will the CA do now? They have not sent me anything to validate the debt, only the letter stating they were taking this debt off the credit bureaus.

Not sure if they will still try to collect from me.

Can anyone offer any ideas , advice as to what I should do next?

Thanks Everyone

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what will they do now?

They will probably leave you alone and have sent this back to the OC. They are correct in that the OC can still report it. What will probably happen is the OC will send it out to a new CA who will be contacting you shortly with the initial 30 day contact letter.

(or the OC might just say screw it if it is past the SOL or obsolete...or near obsolete).

If you get a new CA's letter, start over. Chances are if the old CA can't get anything substantial from the OC as proof, the new one won't be able to either.

Good luck

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